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Welcome to Hawk Mobile. We are an international Mobile Application Development Company. We create high-end Mobile Apps that can be used to monitor, connect with and control your employees, restaurant, sport, conference or guests through one easy to use application.

Our applications give you the ability to view menus, place orders, make payments, track employees and their timesheets, collect customer satisfaction data; the possibilities are endless. Contact us and let's discuss the endless possibilities of your Custom Mobile App.

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We develop apps for the whole world

We provide services of the highest international standard. We are based in Durban, Sydney and Manchester.

We always use the latest technologies. Our apps and our customer service will exceed your expectations.

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A Hawk is a symbol of focus, vision, awareness and the ability to provide support in gaining a higher level of perspective. As a bird of prey, it emphasizes the ability to lead and influence others.

We are leaders in our field, bringing seamless, efficient, usable technology right into the workplace

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11 February, 2017

EMS - Using modern technology to easily track your employees

The Employee Management System allows you to track your employees attendance to work and outside the office, it calculates shifts, absences, includes a Labour Law assistant and generates reports. The system is totally customizable.

The Hawk Employee Management System (EMS) is the ultimate, digitalized, mobile human resource tool.

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