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What The EMS can do

The Hawk Employee Management System (EMS) is the ultimate digitalised, mobile human resource tool. Not only does it track employee attendance, but it monitors performance and removes administrative work, saving you time and money. The EMS ensures that your money is working efficiently and your business is streamlined. It also takes the nitty-gritty out of human resource management.

The Explorer

Get an in-depth analysis of field staff performance and productivity. Track employees that work outside the office using GPS. They can check-in using the mobile app and can log sales or reports from the field. 

The Instant Memo

Communicate with your staff and keep them up to date with key issues using the broadcasting service. You can now send instant messages to all employees without the delay of email or phone calls.

Smart Maintenance

The EMS does all the filing for you, identifies gaps in your reports requiring attention and zaps any anomalies before they cause interference. Our maintenance bots streamline app usage and allow seamless report generation.

Disciplinary Action Assistant

The EMS provides tips and suggestions regarding the discipline and dismissal of staff using our handy Labour Law Assistant. Warnings and violations are tracked by the system and automatically emailed to offenders.

Time & Attendance Monitoring 

Track your employees’ attendance and punctuality with a variety of options; the mobile app, website, java applet and bio metric access.


Automatically calculates the optimum schedule for your staff, facilitate shift swaps, handle overtime and accommodate leave requests.

360 Degree Analysis 

Assess your employees’ all-round performance and productivity in every aspect from all angles. 


The EMS can generate almost any report at any interval. Reports are custom-generated and emailed to the relevant managers.

Bridging the Divide 

For employees who don’t own smartphones, a tablet will be provided and will host a simplified version of the EMS for staff to interact with. This feature can be made available in whichever language you choose.

Product Knowledge Testing 

Test your employees’ product knowledge in the form of a MCQ (multiple choice question).

360 Degree Analysis 

A business’s highest expense is its employees. You can now do a 360 Degree analysis of every employee. You can review their performance and interaction with customers, managers, peers and subordinates through their feedback that is processed into reports. You can also track their productivity, absenses, leave requests, overtime, lateness, disciplinary history and just about everything relating to them within the work environment. 

Custom System, Your Rules!

Like all Hawk products, the Employee Management System is custom built, which means that you decide what features you want and exactly how you want them implemented.
Want your managers to override the schedule? No Problem.
Don’t want the ‘shift-swap’ feature? Consider it gone.
The Power is in your hands!
With its easy-to-use cloud-based platform, the EMS operates on iOS, Android and web. Our technology is so smart it can be hosted on our server, your server or any server you choose. The system is totally customisable.


Automatic check-ins and check-outs using GPS.


Facilitates all management commands.


Runs independently of internet or cell reception. 


Control keypads that can be placed anywhere you choose. 




Reports Generated


Employees Listed

Development Process

We use the latest technology to develop the EMS


A free consultation to conduct a digital analysis on your business to best advise you. Take your business to the next level


Costs are inclusive of designing, developing, hosting and launching. Total cost of your system will be provided after consultation


Tailor-made for your business that include company logos, branding and other unique elements

App Development

The development process is dependent on technicality and required specifications of the client


Alpha and Beta testing is conducted to test the effectiveness and efficiency, as well as detect any bugs


Your EMS will be ready for all employees to use

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