Have an idea to take your business to new heights?

Hawk Mobile will provide a free consultation and conduct a digital analysis on your business to best advise you on your technological needs.



Quotes regarding the total cost of the app will be provided after the consultation and digital analysis.

These costs include all designing, development, hosting and launching



Features and specifications of the app will be designed in collaboration with your business requirements.

Our apps are tailor made for your business and this includes company logos, branding, trademarks, colours and other unique elements.


App Development

Our iOS and Android specialists will now get down to business and begin developing the app.

The duration of this development process is dependent on the technicality and specifications required from the client. Anxious about the progress of your app? We will give you an app that will track your apps development and liaise directly with the team working on it.



Alpha and Beta Testing.

This will be conducted to test the effectiveness, efficiency and to detect any bugs and faults in the app which will be removed immediately.



Hawk Mobile will launch your app onto the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store and monitor your user’s feedback and reviews.

We will work with you to help your app gain traction in the app stores and once you’ve got the hang of things, we’ll let you take control. But don’t worry, your maintenance plan will kick in and we’ll be around if you need any assistance.

Manage Your Employees Digitally

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