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What is the Employee Management System?

The Hawk Employee Management System (EMS) is the ultimate, Digitalized, Mobile Human Resource Tool. It is a custom-built program that can run on PC or mobile and work with or without the internet to perform all your Employee Management Functions.

A business’s highest expense is its employees. The Employee Management System ensures that your money is working efficiently and your business is streamlined. Not only does it track Employee Attendance, but it monitors performance and removes administrative work, saving you time and money. The EMS takes the nitty-gritty out of human resource management.

With its easy-to-use cloud-based platform, the EMS operates on iOS, Android and Web. Our technology is so smart, it can be hosted on our server, your server or any server you choose. The system is totally customizable

Welcome to simplicity. Welcome to the EMS!

Employee Management System - what you need to know

The Explorer
Disciplinary Action Assistant
The Instant Memo
Smart Maintenance
Custom System, Your Rules!


The Employee Management System allows you to track your employees’ attendance and punctuality with a variety of options:

  • The mobile application which allows employees to be automatically checked-in when they arrive at work, and checked-out when they leave.
  • An EMS website which facilitates all management commands and accommodates frequent sign-on and -off for regular users seamlessly.
  • A java-based applet for environments where open web communication or cellular usage may be restricted.
  • Biometric access control keypads which can be placed at any location on site.

The Explorer

The explorer add-on provides tracking of employees that work outside the office using GPS.

They can check-in using the mobile application and can log sales or custom reports directly from the field. This feature allows you to get an in-depth analysis of field staff performance and productivity.


The Hawk EMS automatically calculates the optimum schedule for your staff, facilitates shift swaps, handles overtime and accommodates requests for leave, all while ensuring that your company’s protocols are followed to the letter. Say goodbye to hours wasted trying to determine who should work when and if all the regulations regarding part-time vs full-time employees are being followed.

Not knowing if key personnel are missing can be disastrous for a business. The Hawk Employee Management System allows staff to report in sick and prompts them for a doctor’s note when they return. The system automatically notifies suitable alternative staff that a shift is available and adds them to the schedule, with a manager oversight function if desired.

Disciplinary Action Assistant

Tired of getting summoned to the CCMA? The Hawk EMS provides tips and suggestions regarding the discipline and dismissal of staff using our handy Labour Law Assistant (LLA).

Warnings and violations are tracked by the system and written warnings are automatically emailed to offenders. Issuing of warnings is now streamlined through our template generator, made possible since the Hawk EMS is programmed with a selection of common reasons for warnings and dismissal, and will guide management through procedure prior to dismissal.

What’s more, this function integrates into our scheduling system to replace suspended or dismissed staff without hassle.

The Instant Memo

Communicate with all your staff quickly using our broadcasting service, sending instant messages to all app users without the delay of emails or phone calls.

This service means all your staff are up to date with any key issues, and saves you time so you can get on with other business.


Get reports the way you want them, when you want them! The EMS can generate almost any report at any interval; it’s all up to you. Reports are custom-generated and emailed to the relevant managers. That means your floor manager can receive attendance reports daily while your HR team receives a monthly report for payroll.

Absences, leave requests, overtime, lateness, disciplinary history; you request it and we generate it to suit your needs. We even have an Employee Performance Review system that incorporates peer reviews, manager reviews and customer feedback to give you a 360 degree perspective of every employee.

Want to assess their product knowledge too? You can with our product knowledge and tasks assessment tool, making sure your employees are up to date and you have a full review of each member of the team. This is the ultimate reporting and reviewing system at your fingertips.

Smart Maintenance

This is your digital secretary! Our system does all the filing for you, identifies gaps in your reports requiring attention, and zaps any anomalies before they cause interference.

Our maintenance bots streamline app usage and allow seamless report generation, which means less work for your managers. The system also incorporates fault logging, negating those annoying phone calls describing your issues. Forget contacting management; these faults are logged by every app user in real-time, so you get solutions fast.

Custom System, your rules!

Like all Hawk products, the Employee Management System is custom built, which means that you decide what features you want and exactly how you want them implemented.

Want your managers to override the schedule? No problem.

Don’t want the shift-swap feature? Consider it gone.

The power is in your hands!

Manage Your Employees Digitally